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Why Misdiagnosis Is So Detrimental to Health

Why a Misdiagnosis Can Be So Detrimental to Your Health

When a person makes an appointment to see their doctor and some type of error is made, the resulting harm that can develop has the potential to be severe and even life-threatening. It is not just a doctor that can make life-altering medical oversights, but nursing staff, physical therapists, anesthesiologists, hospital facilities, and more can all be held liable for mistakes. This is true when there was a direct intentional action that was not correct or there was the [...]

7 Ways to Respond to Workplace Sexual Harassment

7 Ways to Respond to Workplace Sexual Harassment

It is expected that an employer keeps their work environment safe for their employees and any person that enters it. Not only is it expected, but under both Federal and Ohio workplace safety guidelines, if there is abuse and harassment happening it is against the law. The victim of harassment can take legal action to hold those who perpetrated the unwanted acts accountable for their behavior. If you have been the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, that could [...]