4 Ways Medical Malpractice Happens

4 Ways Medical Malpractice Happens

When someone you love and care deeply for is struggling to overcome some type of medical ailment or injury, you are hopeful that the medical professionals tasked with treating them are able to do the best job they can to help them reclaim their health. The desired outcome is to have your loved one improve their medical condition and heal as fast as possible. But, when the medical providers that you trust to care for your loved one make mistakes, this can cause them to suffer for much longer and have to endure even more harm.

While medical malpractice claims for compensation tend to be some of the most difficult to win, when a person is hurt by negligence on the part of their medical provider they are well within their right to file such a claim. Studies examining the cases of medical malpractice that take place every year in the United States have put medical errors as third, for the leading reasons why death is reported. And, the United States has some of the highest rates of deadly medical malpractice cases than other developed countries around the globe.

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Top Reasons Why Medical Malpractice Happens

4 Ways Medical Malpractice HappensMedical malpractice exists to protect patients’ rights and wellbeing. Medical providers are expected to extend a duty of care to their patients. This is, that they would treat their patients responsibly and with the same level of reasonable care that any other medical professional in a similar situation would. If their level of care falls below what is considered reasonable and acceptable, they can be held accountable for paying the financial damages that patients suffer.

Medical malpractice can take place for many reasons but the following four factors are the most commonly cited reasons for medical malpractice to exist:

  1. When a medical professional or team misdiagnose or fails to diagnose a condition they may apply a treatment that is not correct and can actually be harmful. Or, they may not apply any treatment and the condition will continue to develop and become more detrimental to a person’s health.
  2. Insufficient documentation and bad record-keeping practices. When a doctor does not keep up-to-date records with detailed information of a patient’s condition and health history, it can impact the way they treat or other medical professionals apply treatment to the patient. This could be why incorrect treatment happens.
  3. It is important that a patient is given the right medication for their condition so they are best set up for success with recovery. But, sometimes the wrong medication can cause significant physical bodily harm.
  4. Surgical errors where the wrong body part is operated on or when objects are left inside of a person’s surgical wounds happen more often than you think.

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