Are Medical Malpractice Lawsuits on the Rise?

Are Medical Malpractice Lawsuits on the Rise?

 A lot has happened since the COVID-19 pandemic has come about. Many things have changed and been impacted by the virus and the resulting government response. As such, even though things seem like they may be getting closer to the normal world we once knew before the virus touched down, we still are not quite there yet. 

One area of life that may have been impacted by COVID is the prevalence of medical liability claims. Medical errors even before COVID were quite high. So much so, that they ranked third as the leading cause of death throughout the United  States. After the pandemic, however, the numbers of medical lawsuits seemed to show that they were not going anywhere and in fact, increasing.

For residents of the Buckeye State, when medical mistakes have been the reason why you suffered harm, the Cincinnati medical malpractice attorney at The Green Law Firm can help you file your claim.

Increasing Medical Malpractice Lawsuits in the United States

Are Medical Malpractice Lawsuits on the RiseAs COVID ravaged the United States and the world what trend that was seen is that when a spike in cases took place the number of medical malpractice suits that were filed also increased. These suits were seen in all medical facilities including hospitals, long-term care facilities, and other residential care homes. 

One reason why this took place could be because of the unknown that existed for treating patients sick with the virus. Then, when treatment was improper or there were issues with the administration of treatment legal suits came quickly. Figuring out the right approach to both proper and effective treatment and then responding to such lawsuits has been a difficult and highly complicated dance.

Some laws were put in place in various states to combat this phenomenon and provide greater protections to doctors treating COVID-positive patients. But, determining when a lawsuit was related to COVID injuries or harm made these protections hard to follow. Not every claim is straightforward.

Across the country, the highest rates of medical malpractice suits that were filed in the era of COVID were found in Massachusetts and Ohio. Securing justice after a medical malpractice incident in Ohio may seem like a tall order and uphill battle. Indeed, medical malpractice suits, even those unrelated to COVID are some of the most difficult injury and death suits to win.

Working with an effective and knowledgeable Ohio medical malpractice attorney increases your chances of having success securing a fair settlement or winning a suit.

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Medical errors that cause patients to suffer harm can be emotionally and physically painful. Overcoming such an event and obtaining compensation for losses is the goal when a claim is filed. There could be long-term and permanent damages that a victim suffers which can lead to high-dollar settlements. 

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