Are Ohio Businesses Required to Provide Sexual Harassment Training?

Are Ohio Businesses Required to Provide Sexual Harassment Training?

Each state in the nation has its own laws regarding sexual harassment in the workplace and what requirements employers must abide by. For example, in North Carolina, all state employees must be given sexual harassment training. Every state agency must have a plan to train and educate its employees on workplace harassment. In New York as of 2019, all businesses must provide harassment training on an annual basis. New York has very detailed instructions for business owners with regard to sexual harassment training requirements.

The great state of Ohio does not have any laws for sexual harassment training. The state government simply recommends that businesses and agencies include training as a part of their operations. Even with training though, sexual harassment at one’s job can still happen. In Ohio, if you were victimized by workplace sexual harassment you may be able to take legal action. To have your case reviewed by an experienced Ohio sexual harassment lawyer, connect with The Green Law Firm today.

Can Sexual Harassment Training Minimize Cases?

Are Ohio Businesses Required to Provide Sexual Harassment TrainingEven though Ohio does not have sexual harassment training requirements for employers, the Ohio Administrative Code encourages businesses to focus on prevention. Employers should make it known that sexual harassment is not acceptable in the workplace and it will not be tolerated. Doing so may minimize the chances that sexual harassment incidents could take place.

And it is not enough to just make it clear to employees that sexual harassment is not allowable. Employers should also have a policy or guidance on what an employee should do if they do experience sexual harassment. Employees should not have to put up with a toxic work environment and it is important to embrace a company culture that is supportive of victims and will take what steps are necessary to preserve their rights.

The Cincinnati workplace harassment lawyer at The Green Law Firm understands how emotional and taxing it can be for a victim of sexual harassment at their workplace to come forward and take action. But protecting one’s rights and interests is necessary. If you would like to learn more about your legal options when you have been the victim of workplace sexual harassment, a trusted and effective harassment attorney at The Green Law Firm is here for you and ready to offer assistance.

Sometimes an employee may feel uncomfortable with a workplace situation but be unaware that what they are having to endure is actually harassment. The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission indicates that anyone can be victimized. Both men and women can be harmed and the harassment can come by way of the same gender or different gender. And, harassment can be verbal, non-verbal, and physical.

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If you believe that your situation may arise to the level of sexual harassment you can discuss the details of your specific circumstances during a free consultation with the skilled Ohio personal injury lawyer at The Green Law Firm by calling (513) 769-0840. You may have a case to make against your harasser.