Can Workplace Sexual Harassment Happen Between People of the Same Gender?

Can Workplace Sexual Harassment Happen Between People of the Same Gender?

Most people go to work to earn a living and pay their expenses in life. Not as a matter of leisurely activity. When at work, being respected and safe is expected and employers should foster an environment that is not threatening to their employees. 

Still, there are many ways that an employee can feel intimidated and menaced when they head into work to do their job each day. This is a difficult situation to be in, especially so if the harassment that is being experienced is that of a sexual nature. Going to work can become an incredibly uncomfortable and unpleasant task. Actually accomplishing your professional objectives every day and excelling at what you do can be increasingly more difficult with this imminent pressure always nearby. 

If you have been sexually harassed at work in the state of Ohio, the Cincinnati sexual harassment attorneys at The Green Law Firm are compassionate and skilled legal professionals that care about helping victims of workplace harassment seek justice. 

Same-Sex Workplace Sexual Harassment

Can Workplace Sexual Harassment Happen Between People of the Same GenderThe Green Law Firm has sexual harassment attorneys in Ohio that are knowledgeable and experienced with respect to Ohio Fair Employment Practices and federal anti-discrimination laws. The Cincinnati sexual harassment lawyers at The Green Law Firm are on your side and can help you take on the legal challenges necessary to protect your rights when you have been victimized by workplace sexual harassment in Ohio. This is true for harassment that occurs between different genders and those that are the same.

Discrimination is not tolerated in the United States, and because sexual harassment is considered discrimination, it is also unlawful. If a coworker is making unwanted sexual advances, making gestures, or verbally harassing you it is likely that this will affect your ability to perform to your potential at work. Your workplace then is an unsafe work environment.

Sexual harassment can occur by means of men hounding women or vice versa. It can also be between the same genders, men harassing men and women hassling women. Sexual harassment does not disappear simply because the harasser is a party that is the same gender as the victim.

If a co-worker is acting inappropriately and is tormenting you at work asking for sexual favors or making lewd motions towards you, for example, then you may be the victim of workplace sexual harassment. If you do not like this type of attention, then it is incredibly important to make it clearly known to your coworker that their actions are unwanted. Even if you are scared to tell your coworker, talking with others about what you are experiencing can help too. 

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You do not have to be tormented by unwanted sexual harassment at work and if you are struggling with this, you can take legal action to remedy your situation. To learn more about what your options are and how you can improve the quality of your life, please call the Ohio workplace sexual harassment attorneys at The Green Law Firm to schedule a free consultation at (513) 769-0840.