Can You Sue Your Lawyer if You Were Defrauded?

Can You Sue Your Lawyer if You Were Defrauded?

When you hire an attorney to represent you, you are doing so with the belief that the professional you choose to work with will provide you with honest and competent legal services. Ultimately, you are using an attorney to help improve the chances the outcome of your case will be favorable for your interests. Legal professionals have a duty of care to their clients to treat them with decency and act in good faith. 

When a lawyer intentionally violates this duty of care and their clients are harmed, legal malpractice may have taken place. Individuals that are victims of legal malpractice should seek the advice and counsel of a qualified legal malpractice attorney to explore what options are available to correct the wrongs they suffered. In Ohio, the Cincinnati legal malpractice lawyer at The Green Law Firm can help you protect your rights and get the justice you deserve after you were harmed by a deceitful legal professional.

What Types of Actions are Considered Fraudulent by a Legal Professional?

Can You Sue Your Lawyer if You Were DefraudedNot every unfavorable outcome of a legal case automatically means that a lawyer has committed legal malpractice. When you work with an attorney, your lawyer should be treating you with the same respect and integrity that they would want if they were in your position. If they fall short because they are engaging in malicious and dishonest actions and you are harmed because of this, then they may be held accountable by filing a suit against them.

There are several ways that legal malpractice can take place. Fraud is one of them. When you come in to speak with the Cincinnati civil attorney at The Green Law Firm, your experience will be examined to determine if attorney fraud took place. Specifically, if any of the following exist then it is likely that you were the victim of attorney fraud:

  • Your attorney willfully lied to you and wanted you to believe a falsehood to be true. 
  • You believed the falsehood and it influenced actions you took or decisions you made that resulted in your damages.

Some examples of attorney fraud include:

  • You were promised certain things or outcomes that did not come to pass.
  • You were told that there were specific duties being worked on by your lawyer, but your lawyer actually was not doing them.
  • Your lawyer tells you untruths in relation to the law.
  • Your lawyer charges you for services not provided.
  • Your lawyer does not file the paperwork correctly or on time.

There are many ways that a client may be the victim of legal malpractice by their attorney. If you are unsure about your situation, talking with an experienced legal malpractice attorney can help you better understand your position and your rights.

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