Cincinnati, OH – Two Injured After Car Crashes into Store on Vine St

Cincinnati, OH – Two Injured After Car Crashes into Store on Vine St

Cincinnati, OH (August 4, 2020) – Two people were injured after a vehicle crashed into a storefront in the Hartwell area. According to local reports in Cincinnati, the car crashed into the Colourfro located at the 8400 block of Vine Street. Emergency responders and law enforcement officials were dispatched to the scene of the accident to assist the injured parties. 

The driver and another party at the scene sustained injuries in the crash. The second injured party was identified as the co-owner of the store. The co-owner who was struck by the vehicle was transported to UC Medical Center for the treatment of sustained injuries. 

The driver of the vehicle was also injured in the crash. The storefront also experienced significant damage in the impact. According to local sources, the roof was tilted, and the structure now requires stabilization. Many items in the store were also knocked from their shelves. 

At this time, the cause of the accident is still unknown. No updates on the conditions of the injured parties have been provided. Local law enforcement officials are currently investigating the cause of the crash. 

Our thoughts are with the injured victims and their families at this time. We hope for their full recovery.

Reckless Driving Accidents in Cincinnati

Cincinnati, OH - Two Injured After Car Crashes into Store on Vine StThere are more distracted and reckless drivers on the roads of Cincinnati than ever. Many severe vehicle collisions could be avoided if drivers just followed the rules of the road and practiced safe driving. However, reckless drivers are a common sight on the streets of Cincinnati. A recent study found that almost 90% of reported car accidents are caused by reckless drivers. On average, three out of every ten collisions reported in the United States are caused by reckless driving. These collisions contribute to an estimated 13,000 deadly car accidents each year, accounting for roughly one-third of reported traffic fatalities reported across the country. Distracted driving is the most common form of reckless driving in Ohio due to the increasing popularity of cell phones and other mobile devices. 

In Ohio, other drivers owe a duty to use reasonable care when operating a motor vehicle. Unfortunately, many drivers in the state breach this duty and cause catastrophic car accidents. The resulting damages following a car accident can impact a victim’s life. The reckless driver who is responsible for causing an Ohio car accident can be held responsible for any resulting injuries. Before you discuss your claim with an insurance company, you should consult with a qualified Cincinnati car crash attorney

When you are injured in an Ohio car accident, you need to pursue a personal injury claim in order to recover lost compensation. Obtaining legal advice and representation is essential in the early stages. The Green Law Firm will protect your rights when dealing with the authorities or insurance companies, and our experienced legal team will help you construct a strong case to fight for the compensation you deserve. If you have been injured by a negligent driver, contact our law offices today at (513)769-0840 to see how we can help. 

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