How Often Does Workplace Sexual Harassment Happen to LGBT People?

How Often Does Workplace Sexual Harassment Happen to LGBT People?

The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about the prevalence of workplace sexual harassment is a male coworker harassing a female coworker. This happens quite often as 81% of women admit that at some point during their professional career, they have been sexually harassed in one form or another. Men too, though, also can be sexually harassed in the workplace and 43% have said that during their career they have experienced sexual harassment or assault while on the job.

But it is not just heterosexual men and women that are subject to sexual harassment. Any person can be victimized by the unfair and threatening practice. For the LGBT community, as many as 68% say that they were the subject of workplace sexual harassment. But, two-thirds of those that were harassed chose not to report their maltreatment.

If you live in the greater Cincinnati area and were subjected and victimized by sexual harassment in the workplace, please reach out to the Cincinnati sexual harassment attorney at The Green Law Firm to learn more about your legal options to respond.

How Prevalent is Workplace Sexual Harassment Against LGBT People?

Does Workplace Sexual Harassment Happen to LGBT PeopleA majority of people who identify as part of the LGBT community admit that they have been the target of workplace sexual harassment. Yet, so many have chosen not to make their abuse known. One of the leading reasons why this was so is because they are afraid that if they report their harassment, their lifestyle may become public knowledge. Both LGBT women and men were fearful of being “outed” at their place of employment.

While men and women in the LGBT community reported inordinately high levels of workplace sexual harassment, LGBT women had experienced more persecution than LGBT men. For LGBT women, physical abuse was the most common type of harm suffered. Sexual assault, rape, and other forms of unwelcome touching were the main reason for those uncomfortable and troubling situations.

Every individual has the right to go to work and be prosperous without fear or threat of abuse. When abuse happens it does not matter how the victim identifies. LGBT individuals can take legal action against their abusers when they are preyed upon and the target of unwanted workplace sexual harassment. In Ohio, LGBT individuals can trust the sound legal guidance of the Cincinnati injury accident attorney at The Green Law Firm for help seeking justice in these matters.

Some individuals have a false belief that people identifying as part of the LGBT community are extremely sexual beings and would welcome such harassment. But nothing could be further from the truth. LGBT individuals largely want what most others do. This is to thrive professionally and be safeguarded from unwarranted and undesirable sexual advances or abuse while performing the duties of their job.

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