Reporting a Bad Lawyer in Ohio

Reporting a Bad Lawyer in Ohio

The relationship a client has with their lawyer is one that must be full of trust and confidence. The outcome of a person’s legal case can greatly depend on the quality of the legal counsel they hire to represent them. Sometimes a person may be unhappy with the outcome of their case or not satisfied with the legal services they are receiving. There are instances where this can mean that a lawyer has engaged in legal malpractice and then there are other times when legal malpractice does not apply.

If you are unhappy with the legal services you are experiencing from your current lawyer, it is best to stay calm and not do anything rash like firing them right away. There are circumstances where making a quick judgment and severing your ties with your attorney may not be in your best interest. If you believe that you are not being treated properly by your attorney and legal malpractice could be a factor, consulting with an experienced legal malpractice lawyer could be advantageous.

The Cincinnati legal malpractice attorneys at The Green Law Firm have the knowledge and skill to evaluate your case and provide guidance on the potential existence of legal malpractice.

How Can You Report Your Lawyer in Ohio?

Reporting a Bad Lawyer in OhioMisuse of a client’s money, not filing documentation by the statute of limitations, not properly advising and many more situations can all be considered instances of legal malpractice. It is expected that attorneys exercise good judgment and call on their experience and training when representing their clients. When an attorney acts in bad faith and does not behave in a similar way that other professionals would if in the same situation, this is unacceptable. 

The outcome of your case is significant and can possibly have long-term negative implications on your life. This is why you choose to use an attorney, to begin with. So that you can have the best chances at securing the desired results.

If it can be confirmed that your lawyer has not served you well and has committed legal malpractice, the Cincinnati civil rights attorneys at The Green Law Firm are here for you to help you remedy the situation.

You may report a lawyer that has unfairly harmed you to the following parties:

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The Green Law Firm has legal malpractices attorneys in Ohio who you can trust to advise you on your options for making right the wrong that you suffered from legal malpractice. There are ethical rules that lawyers are expected to abide by and if they fail to do so, they may have committed legal malpractice. When this happens, you have the right to take action against them for the damages you suffered.

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