Types of Damages for Ohio Sexual Harassment Claims

Types of Damages for Ohio Sexual Harassment Claims

Employees in Ohio are protected at work from discrimination by way of the Ohio Fair Employment Law and federally through Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This includes sexual harassment which is considered discrimination.

If you were the recipient of unwelcome sexual conduct whether verbally or physically at work, you may have a case to make against your employer for sexual discrimination. To have your experience reviewed by an experienced Ohio sexual harassment attorney, please consider connecting with The Green Law Firm.

What Types of Damages Can Victims of Sexual Harassment in Ohio Obtain?

Sexual harassment not only affects the victim by having to experience a toxic work environment but these situations also affect the smooth functioning of a business. When a person is suffering from discrimination at the workplace, functioning at a high level and producing becomes much more challenging. This is not the only reason why businesses should work hard to foster a safe environment where their employees are free from persecution, but it is a big one.

Sexual harassment can happen to anyone of any age. Males and females can be sexually harassed at the workplace and the discrimination can come from co-workers, vendors, contractors, or supervisors. Sexual harassment has little boundaries in who can be harmed. But, no matter how sexual harassment comes about, victims have legal rights that deserve to be protected. 

Types of Damages for Ohio Sexual Harassment Claims

Victims of sexual harassment in the workplace may have a difficult time overcoming their anxiety and emotion to seek legal advice about how they can respond. They could also be scared that they would face retribution and that they could lose their job if they do something. However, employees deserve protection from discrimination and it is possible to sue your employer if discrimination is, indeed, taking place.

The Cincinnati personal injury attorneys at The Green Law Firm can help you take legal action if you were sexually harassed at work. There are several damages that you may be able to include in your sexual harassment claim including:

  • Economic damages such as missed wages, lost earning potential, and other types of financial losses.
  • Non-economic damages such as stress, mental suffering, and a tarnished reputation. There are caps on how much money a victim of sexual harassment in Ohio can obtain through non-economic damages.

The negative effects of workplace harassment are vast. Experiencing workplace harassment can place a heavy burden on a person and cause them to experience substantial distress. These implications can not only affect a person at work but can also bleed into their everyday lives and cause torment and pain there too. 

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