What Actions Are Considered Medical Malpractice?

What Actions Are Considered Medical Malpractice?

Medical professionals including nurses, therapists, pharmacists, and doctors are trusted by the patients they serve that they will follow established standards of care in the treatment that they administer. Patients put their health and their lives in the hands of these professionals and so it is critically important that when treating a patient, reasonable skill and consideration is given to help them preserve their health.

If a medical provider makes mistakes or treats a patient below that standard of care, and the patient sustains injuries or loses their life, medical malpractice may have taken place. If you were harmed by a negligent medical provider in Ohio, it is important to meet with a knowledgeable attorney to have your case reviewed. Should malpractice exist, you may be able to file an Ohio medical malpractice claim for compensation. 

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Different Ways Medical Malpractice Happens

What Actions Are Considered Medical Malpractice?Medical mistakes can have devastating implications for patients and there are many ways that medical malpractice can happen. If you experienced any of the following, it can be advantageous to connect with the knowledgeable Ohio personal injury attorney at The Green Law Firm to learn more about your legal options to obtain compensation for your damages.

  • Informed Consent

It is imperative that patients are given all the treatment options available for their condition and that they are informed of both the risks and the benefits of each procedure or medication. Once the patient is fully informed, they must give their consent to the treatment. If a patient is not properly informed and fully updated on the aspects that go along with procedures and medications and they are harmed by the treatment they receive, this may constitute a lack of informed consent.

  • Diagnosis

A doctor may fail to identify a condition and diagnose it or they may incorrectly diagnose one. If any other medical professional treating the same patient in the same situation would have accurately diagnosed a patient or would not have missed diagnosing a patient with a specific ailment, misdiagnosis or missed diagnosis may have transpired.

  • Medication

Medication that is prescribed to a patient must be done in a responsible way to minimize any potential harm a patient suffers. These are some of the actions a doctor should take to reduce the chances that medication errors take place:

  • Monitor the patient to see if the medication is working and to see if the patient is experiencing any harmful side effects.
  • Ensure the right dosage is prescribed.
  • Staying abreast of the patient’s medical history and health status to avoid prescribing a drug that is dangerous for a patient to take.
  • Administer the correct medication and dosage.

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A victim of medical malpractice does not have unlimited time to file a claim for compensation. This is why if you believe you have been harmed by a negligent medical provider in Ohio, you get in touch with the Cincinnati medical malpractice lawyer at The Green Law Firm soon after your injury incident took place. Please do not hesitate to call the Green Law Firm to schedule a free case evaluation at (513) 769-0840.