What is Double-Billing by Your Attorney?

What is Double-Billing by Your Attorney?

When you work with a legal professional for a legal suit that you are involved in whether it is one that you are filing or one that is being filed against you, you expect your lawyer to respect you and treat you with a standard of care for their profession. Attorneys have an established standard by which they should exercise that reasonably treat their clients in such a way to minimize the harm that a client may suffer. 

And while many attorneys do try to stick to a specific standard of care providing clients with the highest level of quality services, sometimes a lawyer may act in a negligent way that can harm their clients. When this happens, and a victim of such behavior can prove it, there may be a case to file a legal malpractice suit against their attorney for compensation.

If you believe that you were the victim of legal malpractice in Ohio, you can trust the legal guidance and counsel of the Cincinnati legal malpractice attorney at The Green Law Firm. 

What Does it Mean When an Attorney Double Bills a Client?

What is Double-Billing by Your AttorneyDouble billing is a practice that happens more often than clients may know. But, even though this practice is not uncommon, it is still questionable ethically and potentially legally. Double billing could be considered fraudulent activity and have both criminal and civil implications for the party that is engaging in such actions.

According to one survey out of Samford University, the percentage of lawyers who think double billing is unethical and should not be done has been falling. Double billing happens when your lawyer bills you for their time while also billing another client for that same time. The American Bar Association vehemently condiments such actions.

If you lost your legal case and you believe it was because your attorney was not doing their job and treating you with the standard of care you deserved, you may be able to file a claim against them. Finding out that you have been double-billed alone may not be enough to show negligence and a reason why your case was lost when you likely would have won it otherwise with a proficient attorney. Although, it could be a contributing piece of information to your overall case. Also, there may be room for a legal suit due to fraud. 

Figuring out the existence of legal malpractice can be complicated. This is why it can be advantageous to connect with a Cincinnati civil litigation attorney at The Green Law Firm to learn more about your legal options and if you should file a claim to secure compensation.

Call an Ohio Legal Malpractice Attorney

It is best to work with an attorney that specializes in the area of legal malpractice when you suffered damages from a negligent lawyer. Doing so improves your chances of getting the most favorable results from your claim. 

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